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Baby smothered on airplane

Yesterday, one of my feeds brought to my attention the November 25th incident of a mother falling asleep on a plane and waking to find her baby had smothered. At first I didn’t know if it was true, but quickly realized it was as Twitter and the AP started posting various articles about it. It is so heartbreaking! PhDinParenting did a great post today about the incident and shared many of the comments and points I had intended to share. Please take a look at her post.

When I saw this yesterday, my first comment on twitter was:
@cindyambrose I saw ths earlier & hadn't had time 2 verify so I dnt post it. How horrifying!! ive 2 wonder if it was blankets arnd the baby

I was thinking exactly what Annie from PhDinParenting stated in her post. It is a disgrace what these airlines (malls, stores, businesses in general, ladies walking by, etc) are asking women to do.

Breastfeeding is the most natural progression after giving birth! How many more babies have to die (from formula, blankets, or anything else) before we open up our eyes and accept that women are made to nourish and protect their children themselves!

We don’t need to cover that up!

This article just makes me so sick and so sad!  And I felt just the same about how the article was worded. It felt like another example of media twisting a situation for shock at the cost of another human being’s feelings and emotional state.  This article did a somewhat better job (but is still placing blame on the mother, as if she did it on purpose.  Better would be something to the affect that it is a tragic accident.)

And, once again, breastfeeding does not smother babies! Correct positioning ensures that babies noses are not touching the breast. No mother (whether bottle feeding or nursing) should fall asleep in a chair or couch due to the risk of the child falling from the chair, into a crack, or otherwise entangling in blankets. This has NOTHING to do with the act of breastfeeding!  And this isn’t about co-sleeping either.  Even the most avid co-sleep activists will tell you that there is a safe way to do it and then there are ways that are not safe.


  1. December 2, 2009 at 3:20 PM

    Great post! Such a tragic story.

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