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The Very Breast Books!

November 10, 2009 8 comments

I love it when pieces of my life come together, even in very small ways.  I was reading to M tonight, as usual.  We were reading an Usborne book (which I now sell) called “The New Baby” and stumbled upon this…

Mother nursing in the Usborne Book "The New Baby"

Mother nursing in the Usborne Book "The New Baby"

This is such a perfect example of people/companies taking the opportunity to make breastfeeding the norm. It is simply showing the natural way a baby eats.  Unfortunately, in our society this is a rare occurrence so I was tickled to see it.  In the bottom right of the page it does show the daughter giving her baby doll a bottle.  I have to wonder where that little girl would have learned that babies eat from bottles if mommy is using her breasts… oh that is right… every baby doll sold comes with a bottle!  That is another post, another day.

Seeing this makes me even happier to be a part of an organization like Usborne Books & More.  I have been very pleased with their collection and its representation of breastfeeding.  They sell an LLL endorsed book from Kane/Miller called “Breasts” (from the collection that includes “Everybody Poops“).  They also sell a book called “How are Babies Made” that is also part of a body book for younger children that explains the very basics of how a baby is born.  Both of these books include a mother nursing her baby.  Each of the books speak of or show bottles as an option, but I feel comfortable that the highlight is on breastfeeding.

Page from "Breasts"

Page from "Breasts"

If you want to get these book to have more resources in your home that show breastfeeding as the norm, you can get the New Baby book as a single title or in a combined volume (just like the Body Book).  It is geared towards pre-reading to early reading ages.  I have the combined volume and it is wonderful!!


As stated, I do sell Usborne Books, but they are not paying me to say these things. If you were to purchase from the links above, I would earn 15% of your sale back as commission, but it is all used to buy more books for M. 🙂

Page from "How are Babies Made?"

Page from "How are Babies Made?

Back of the "Breasts" book

Back of the "Breasts" book